With the alpha+ Foundation, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) offers philanthropically inclined individuals and organisations the opportunity to support excellent researchers throughout Austria.

The FWF was the first public research funding agency in Europe to establish a nonprofit foundation to provide Austria's researchers with more opportunities in basic research through private grants. The objective of the FWF’s alpha+ Foundation is to create new research grants based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on addressing the climate crisis and supporting the careers of highly talented young researchers.

Would you also like to write a new chapter in Austrian research history?

Your donation to the alpha+ Foundation will help support exceptional researchers throughout Austria. The alpha+ Foundation and the FWF handle the entire process, from the call for proposals and the quality assurance of the research projects to awarding the grant. 

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alpha+ Foundation

Inquiries and contact

Silvia Dallabrida, MA
Fundraising & Corporate Relations Manager
+43 676 83487 8102

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Overview of privately funded research awards

Since 2014, the FWF has been cooperating with numerous non-profit foundations and organizations to open new doors for top researchers. Existing collaborations between the FWF and private partners feature long-term commitments, a focus on academic excellence, and comprehensive funding.


Zero Emissions Award

Thanks to a private donation to the FWF's alpha+ Foundation, up to €900,000 per year is available to help generate the knowledge we will need for the energy transition.


Herzfelder Foundation

The Herzfelder'sche Familienstiftung supports research projects in the field of biochemical-medical cell research with up to €730,000 per call.


netidee SCIENCE

With this grant, the Internet Foundation provides €400,000 per call to support researchers who contribute to further developing the internet in Austria and making it more secure.


Weiss Prize

The Gottfried and Vera Weiss Science Foundation supports researchers in the fields of anesthesiology and meteorology with around €300,000 per year.


Rückenwind funding bonus

The Rückenwind funding bonus offers up to €5,000 per researcher to support the academic careers of aspiring top researchers by facilitating international networking and knowledge transfer.


Examples of successfully funded researchers and selected donors

Committed to philanthropy

Wolfgang Putz und Rudolf Bauer

Since 2014, basic research has benefitted from a total of eight Weiss Prizes. "Every year, I am delighted to see the Foundation's purpose being fulfilled so well," says Foundation Chair Rudolf Bauer


Looking ahead

Andreas Hable

Binder Grösswang supports young researchers through the FWF with a Rückenwind funding bonus. "Forward-looking research that contributes to sustainable development is very important for society, and that's what we want to support," says Andreas Hable, Managing Partner of the firm.


Intelligent Web of Tomorrow

Shqiponja Ahmetaj

Shqiponja Ahmetaj, TU Wien With funding provided by the Internet Foundation's netidee SCIENCE grant, computer scientist Shqiponja Ahmetaj is developing new ways to automatically ensure data quality on the semantic web.


Discovering new approaches in metals research

Lorenz Romaner

Lorenz Romaner, Montanuniversität Leoben Thanks to the research grant funded by the Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials (ASMET), Lorenz Romaner is using machine learning methods to study the properties of metals.


New findings in premature infant research

Vito Giordano

Vito Giordano, Medical University of Vienna Funding from the Weiss Science Foundation is allowing neuroscientist Vito Giordano to conduct a three-year research project to improve medical treatment for premature infants.


alpha+ Foundations


Inquiries and contact

Silvia Dallabrida, MA
Fundraising & Corporate Relations Manager
+43 676 83487 8102

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How can you get involved?
  • Donate: The traditional way to fund researchers or a research project.
  • Endowment: Choose an area of research that you would like to support and set up a personal foundation under the umbrella of the alpha+ Foundation.
  • Income from asset or property management: Your assets remain untouched while their revenues support a research field of your choice.
  • Charitable bequests: Determine how your assets will benefit researchers beyond your passing
Tax relief

The FWF and the alpha+ Foundation are charitable organizations, making donations from individuals as well as from companies tax deductible. You will of course receive a receipt for your donation for your records. We will need your full name and date of birth to report your donation to the tax authorities so you can deduct it from your taxes.


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