To understand the world, we need to both look closely and see the big picture. Basic research takes time, but it opens up entirely new horizons. This is why we support pioneering researchers on their roads to discovery. The wealth of their insights is the capital of future generations.

Investing in researchers

The FWF funds thousands of outstanding researchers and their ideas at universities and other research institutions on the basis of an international peer review process. Find out more about the FWF’s program portfolio and the steps you need to take to get started.

Funding program portfolio

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FWF Research Radar

Austria’s basic research in one place: On the FWF Research Radar page you can search through thousands of research projects.

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Key Focal Areas

Clusters of Excellence

Cutting-edge research is an expedition into the future. With excellent=austria, Austria sends teams on a mission at several research sites to discover groundbreaking insights in a promising field of research.


With the alpha+ Foundation, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) offers philanthropically inclined individuals and organisations the opportunity to support excellent researchers throughout Austria.


Open Science

Open Science refers to open and collaborative science practices that enable open access to scientific knowledge and research processes, resulting in the greatest possible transparency and reusability.

Integrity and Ethics

Research integrity and research ethics are key elements of the research process and determine the quality of excellent research according to the highest international standards.

Annual Report

With the FWF Annual Report, we not only offer you an insight into the past funding year, but also invite you to look back on some special moments in research. Read it to find out more about key funding metrics and statistics. In total, the FWF invested around €273 million in its funding programs in 2022.

Facts and Figures

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) uses federal funding to support thousands of researchers throughout Austria. On the Dashboard and the Research Radar page, the FWF publishes data on its funding programs, approved projects, and individuals to ensure transparency and make it available for further use.


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