Research Documentation

In order to ensure the comprehensive and sustainable collection of data and to provide digital support to principal investigators (hereinafter referred to as PIs) in drafting the final project report, the FWF is introducing the Researchfish® on-line system as of January 2019. All projects in the FWF programmes listed below are thus requested as of March 2019 to submit the final project report via this system. For all other programmes, the previous final report requirements and submission modalities still apply.

Evaluation of final project reports

Quality control is the primary instrument of an institution like the FWF which is directly accountable to several stakeholders: the national and international research community, the government, and ultimately the public.

The outcomes of FWF projects are an important resource for quality control. They enable and provide:

  • a solid evidence base of the project’s success;
  • a basis for the international scientific community’s evaluation of the projects;
  • a wealth of quality-assured documentation that can be presented to the government and the public;
  • a foundation for the further development of procedures and programmes;
  • a review of previous funding grants and selection criteria.