As of 15 October 2022, the FWF has switched the application process for Stand-Alone Publications to its online application portal elane. Some changes have also been made to the application guidelines for this funding programme. 

Here is an overview of the most important changes: 

  • Applying via elane 
    From now on, all applications will be submitted using the FWF’s electronic application portal elane.
  • Book Publications, Digital Publications, and Academic Journals now have their own application guidelines
    The application guidelines for the three funding opportunities under Stand-Alone Publications (Book Publications, Digital Publications, and Academic Journals) are no longer combined into one document, there are now separate application guidelines for each option.
  • Accelerated decision-making procedure for publications from FWF-funded projects
    Applications for funding of scientific publications (Book Publications or Digital Publications) presenting the results of FWF-funded projects may be eligible for an accelerated decision-making procedure. To be eligible, the intended publication must be based on a project that has already successfully undergone FWF’S quality control procedure. In addition, the publisher must submit two positive, relevant reviews to the FWF that meet the FWF’s decision-making requirements. For detailed information, please refer to the updated application guidelines.
  • Split payment options for book publications
    From now one, it will be possible to decide whether, in the case of approved book publications, all services should be charged to the publisher or whether funding for the required proofreading and editing, foreign language editing, or translation should be paid out directly to the service providers.
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