For decades, FWF-funded researchers have had the opportunity to apply for additional funds to cover publication costs. As a result of the migration of its project funding to PROFI mode (funding administration via research institutions), the administrative procedure for obtaining this support will change starting January 1, 2024: The FWF open-access block grant will be replacing the Peer-Reviewed Publications program. From that date on, the FWF will be providing Austrian research institutions with a block grant, paid on an annual basis, to support the funding of peer-reviewed publications (such as journal articles) and ensure compliance with the FWF's Open-Access Policy. For FWF-funded authors, this means that funding for publication costs is handled directly at the author's own research institution and that there is no need to submit an additional application for funding to the FWF.

Funding for book publications, digital publications and academic journals can still be applied for under the Stand-Alone Publications program. 

More information on the open-access block grant will be available on the FWF website starting in the fall. 

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