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The FWF is focusing on funding opportunities and discovery: The main visual motif is a spotlight, which shows up throughout the new site as a graphic element. © FWF/Sylvia Fritsch

Discovering What Matters: This leitmotif characterizes the modernization of the FWF’s aesthetic. In addition to the new logo, which now bears the name “Austrian Science Fund,” the redesign is also reflected in the website: In addition to comprehensive information on all the FWF’s funding programs, discoveries and results now play a greater role. The website fulfills the requirements for digital communication and reflects the FWF’s core responsibilities and values  – supporting pioneering researchers on their road to discovery.

Spotlights central element in the new look

The main visual motif is a spotlight, which shows up throughout the new site as a graphic element. The spotlight stands for discovery, curiosity, for shining a light on previously unknown possibilities, and at the same time for focusing on and advancing our knowledge of fundamental questions, making it a perfect symbol for the character of basic research itself.

Funding and research: Discover the right funding program quickly and easily

Researchers can use the newly designed online portfolio to search through all FWF funding programs according to criteria that’s relevant for them. Whether career level, thematic focus, or a search for currently open calls – funding programs can be filtered individually with one click. All accompanying information, from application to project completion, can be found under Six Steps to Your FWF Project.

More impact, easier matching: Research Radar replaces Project Finder

With the new website, the FWF is switching its online project database from the previous Project Finder to the new Research Radar page. The Research Radar page allows users to search thousands of FWF projects (dating back to 1995) based on various criteria and keywords. The website offers a comprehensive insight into Austria's basic research and highlights the transparency of the FWF's funding decisions.

The Research Radar page can be used to search for people, project data, or funding programs, for example, or to search for specific research projects by topic, keywords, and outputs. The database facilitates knowledge transfer and helps make connections between science, business, and society, as anyone can quickly obtain an overview of research projects on any topic, no matter how specific. The new page is still a beta version; further developments are being implemented on a regular basis.

Speaking of transparency: Comprehensive statistics on the FWF’s funding programs and the results of Scientific Board meetings are available online under Facts and Figures.

So much to discover: The online science magazine scilog

Also appearing in a fresh new design, the FWF’s science magazine scilog gives readers the opportunity to get to know researchers and their discoveries. The magazine documents scientific progress in Austria by presenting numerous examples of successful research. Whether it’s a new project introduced every week, video portraits, or interviews with FWF-funded researchers from all over the world – immerse yourself in the fascinating world of basic research on scilog.fwf.ac.at.

The FWF in social media

YouTube, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, or Facebook: Under the motto “Discovering What Matters,” the FWF keeps in touch with the scientific community on social media and offers an overview of the latest news, events, and interesting facts about its funding activities.

Excellent research: The new FWF Wittgenstein Award

The trophy presented to winners of the FWF Wittgenstein Award, Austria's most highly endowed research prize, has also been given a fresh new look. The €1.5 million award is granted by the FWF in recognition of outstanding and internationally pioneering top-level research. The trophy for an award this important needs to represent clarity, self-confidence, and timelessness. A scientific paper, symbolized by a roll of paper, was the guiding principle behind the design of the new trophy.

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