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The Rückenwind Funding Bonus supports the careers of internationally active researchers in the Erwin Schrödinger program. © Unsplash/Paulo Cardoso

“It’s not just the large donations – smaller contributions can also make a big difference. Thanks to the support of philanthropically-minded individuals and organizations, the alpha+ Foundation of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) has been awarding the privately financed Rückenwind Funding Bonus since 2020. Up to €5,000 are available per person in addition to the Erwin Schrödinger fellowship. The aim is to further expand international networking and the exchange of knowledge between researchers working in basic research on an international basis.

Fifth round of the Rückenwind Funding Bonus has been awarded

For the fifth time, the Rückenwind Funding Bonus allows young researchers to strengthen their international networks and attend conferences and advanced training courses. This year, these seven researchers will receive a Rückenwind Funding Bonus:

  • Moritz Weigl, Extracellular MicroRNAs in the Tumor Microenvironment
  • Ariane Steindl, S100A9: Resistance Biomarker and Therapeutic Target
  • Expedito Olimi, Modification of the Tomato Seed Microbiome for Sustainable Production (MoToMi)
  • Predrag Kalaba, Novel Tools to Study the Relaxin-3 Signaling System
  • Isabel Nadine Reinisch, Adipose Tissue Heterogeneity in Cardiometabolic Disease
  • Sonali Nandita Reisinger, Molecular Mechanisms of Paternal Immune Activation
  • Vlad Tereshenko, Investigation of Neurobiology Behind Painful Neuroma

“Supporting our up-and-coming researchers is particularly important to us, as they are the driving force behind the further development of society,” explains Georg Winckler, Chair of the alpha+ Foundation. “On behalf of the alpha+ Foundation of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Rückenwind fellows and wish them every success with their research,” he concludes.

Philanthropy for science and research

The increasing charitable commitment of private individuals and organizations makes it possible to support ever more excellent researchers. Currently, private donations allow the FWF to finance research projects worth €1.5 million each year. In addition, the FWF was the first public research funding agency in Europe to establish a nonprofit foundation to provide Austria's researchers with more opportunities in basic research through private grants.

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