Standing in solidarity in the face of war: FWF crisis support makes it possible to integrate Ukrainian researchers into ongoing research projects.

The war in Ukraine has forced scholars and scientists to flee as well, and many cannot continue their research work in their home country. In coordination with universities and other research institutions, the FWF is providing a quick and straightforward way to involve researchers in ongoing research projects in Austria, with due regard to appropriate quality assurance. The additional funds required for personnel costs will be made available by the Austrian Science Fund FWF.

“I encourage principal investigators to involve Ukrainian colleagues wherever possible,” FWF President Christof Gattringer emphasized the call to action. “We want to jointly signal solidarity, but also and especially provide concrete support for those affected who have come here or who live here. We want to help make scientific work possible for all those whom the war has deprived of the opportunity.”

Crisis support may be granted for up to twelve months

Everyone leading FWF-funded research projects is called upon to consider temporarily integrating researchers from Ukraine into their project teams. Applying to the Austrian Science Fund FWF for the required funding will be quick and straightforward. As a result, some 20 to 30 researchers will get initial financial security and the opportunity to continue their scientific work, moreover, in close interaction with colleagues throughout Austria. Crisis support for Ukrainian researchers may be provided for all career levels and research fields (e.g. postdocs, PhD students, technical assistants, etc.) for up to 12 months and no more than two persons per project. Further information on how to apply is available here.

Flexible deadlines for ongoing projects 

Moreover, the FWF is proposing additional measures for Ukrainian researchers in Austria who have already received funding or are involved in a project. Since they cannot continue their projects or return to Ukraine in the current situation, they can apply for temporary extensions of their projects. 

Network of support in the scientific community 

The Austrian Science Fund’s initiative is intended as a further offer of support in line with measures taken by other Austrian science organisations, such as the Emergency Call launched by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), or the Austrian universities’ MORE initiative to support refugees. With all these measures, Austria’s research community seeks to promote scientific interaction and cooperation with researchers directly affected by the horrors of war.

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