The administration of Stand-Alone Projects will switch over to PROFI starting March 20, 2023. This means that from that point on, funding applications will be submitted by research institutions rather than by individual researchers (a switch from §26 to §27 of the Universities Act). With this step, the FWF’s largest funding program will be in line with the other funding programs already operating in PROFI mode. This change applies only to new applications; previously submitted proposals and current projects are not affected.

Changes in the submission process

Once the changes have taken effect, researchers applying for funding for a Stand-Alone Project will need to select the corresponding associated research institution in the elane electronic application portal to make sure the application is correctly allocated. Most Austrian research institutions are already registered with the FWF, making them available for selection. If a research institution is not included in the list of selectable research institutions in elane, researchers are requested to contact the missing research institution so that the registration process can be completed. The registration takes a few days to process. Once this is complete, research institutions can name contacts and define authorizations. Please note that applications submitted to elane in the ad personam format will no longer be processed after March 20, 2023. 

Other application requirements remain unchanged

There is no change to the required content and structure of applications as compared to the expiring ad personam application mode. Some changes apply to the formal and administrative approval process and the entry of certain cost categories. In most cases, principal investigators from other FWF programs have reported that PROFI mode is simpler and easier to handle. The updated Application Guidelines for Stand-Alone Projects adapted to PROFI mode will be made available on the FWF website in late February 2023.

Further conversions to follow by the end of the year

Over the course of the second and third quarters of 2023, other FWF funding programs (with a few exceptions, such as the Schrödinger program) will also be converted to PROFI mode. However, please note that all foundation-related submissions will remain in the ad personam format until the summer. The FWF newsletter will keep researchers informed about upcoming changes and all relevant dates and deadlines, and information will also be posted on the elane application portal.

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