As previously announced, the FWF will be switching the Elise Richter program (incl. Elise Richter PEEK) to PROFI funding mode starting October 1, 2023. The updated Application Guidelines are already available online. This change applies only to new applications (starting October 1), previously submitted applications and ongoing projects are not affected.

There are only few changes to the required content of applications as compared to the expiring ad personam application mode. The limit of the project-specific costs which can be applied for in addition to the principal investigator’s salary has been increased to €120,000 for projects with a duration of four years and the formal specifications are subject to a few further developments. For example, changes have been introduced in how to present CVs and account for interruptions or delays in an applicant’s scientific career. Some inclusion-related aspects are now explained in more detail. 

To submit a project in PROFI funding mode, researchers applying for funding for an Elise Richter Project will need to select the corresponding associated research institution in the elane electronic application portal to make sure the application is correctly allocated. Most Austrian research institutions are already registered with the FWF, making them available for selection. If a research institution is not included in the list of selectable research institutions in elane, researchers are requested to contact the missing research institution so that the registration process can be completed.

Please note that applications for Elise Richter Projects submitted to elane in the ad personam format will no longer be processed after October 1, 2023.

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